Quietwater Leaders Trip

Saturday, Jul 21, 2018 - 9:00 am through Sunday, Jul 22, 2018 - 5:00 pm

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Gail Bliss
Caroline Rose
Required ratings:
Canoe Lake Rating, Kayak Lake Rating, QW, R1, R1-C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R1-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R1-OC2 (Open Canoe-Tandem ), R2, R2 - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R2-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R2-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R2p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3, R3-C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R3-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R3-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3p, R3p - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R3p-OC1 (Open Canoe-Solo), R3p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4, R4 - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R4-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4p, R4p - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R4p-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), SK0, SK1, SK2, SK2P, SK3, SKL1, SKL2, SKL3, WW1, WW1-OC, WW2, WW2-OC, WW3, WW3-OC, WW4, WW4-OC

Event Information


This trip requires a lake rating and a Standard Swim Test.  

Whether you already have a Hoofer quietwater leader rating, or are interested in becoming one, this is a trip to focus on the boating skills, people-skills, expectations, and strategies for leading boating trips with Hoofers. 

Kayaks and canoes are welcome. Sea kayakers may want to bring a long whitewater boat for the river on Sunday. 

We will talk about teaching lessons, trip organizing, group management, the movements and principles of Tadhg-chi, and the Water Safety Code.


Schedule is subject to change as I figure out the finer points of the instruction! 

The general idea: we will meet at Memorial Union boathouse to collect gear on Saturday, then drive to Lake Kegonsa State Park, about 30 minutes away. We will paddle on Lake Kegonsa and/or the Yahara River in the morning and the afternoon, accompanied by lessons. We will probably practice some flat-water rescues. 

We will camp at Lake Kegonsa State Park for the night and share dinner. We have a group campsite reserved for Saturday night. 

On Sunday, we will drive to a nearby river, probably Badfish Creek, to paddle a little bit of moving water. Sea Kayakers might want to consider using a long Hoofer whitewater kayak for this part of the trip. We will address all the basic moving water skills needed for the R1 rating-- a requirement for quietwater leaders! 


Trip cost will be approximately $50 for the weekend. 


I Need Co-Leaders! 

I am looking for co-leaders and instructors, even if you just drive down for the afternoon to impart your knowledge.

I would be thrilled if someone would offer to prepare the dinner and breakfast! 

Please contact me! 


A trip survey and more information will be sent out closer to the trip! 


There are 7 people in this event, with 5 spots remaining.

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