Pictured Rocks Keyswap Backpacking #2

Friday, Oct 20, 2017 - 1:00 pm through Sunday, Oct 22, 2017 - 8:00 pm

Unopened / Unapproved
Leaders: Mason Muerhoff
Wesley Wakai
Noah Fliegelman

Event Information


Group 2:

Pictured Rocks #2

Required Ratings: NONE!


Mason Muerhoff || Wesley Wakai


Friday 10/20 1 pm - Sunday 10/22 7 pm


If you are interested in this trip, please fill out this Google Form:


Once you fill this out we will add you to the waitlist. After you are on the waitlist, you can pay your deposit to one of the leaders and you will be moved to the participant list.



We’re doing a long-weekend backpacking trip to Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore on the Upper Peninsula. This is an introductory Hoofers backpacking trip. We’ll be seeing some pretty cool rocks and some pretty rad sunsets, so come along for a good time!


We have spaces for 5 participants on each key swap group.



Trail Segment: Miner’s Castle Trailhead to Little Beaver Lake Trailhead~ 15.5 miles total


Friday 10/20:

1 pm (tentative): Leave Memorial Union and drive to PRNL ~ 5 hr. Drive, arrive by 6 or 7 pm

Park at Miner’s Castle Trailhead

Hike from Miner’s Castle to Mosquito River (camp) ~ 2 miles


Saturday 10/21:

Hike from Mosquito River to Coves site (camp) ~ 7.5 miles

KEYSWAP! with other group at some point along this trail


Sunday 10/22:

Hike from Coves to Little Beaver Lake Trailhead ~ 5.9 miles

Hopefully arrive at opposite group’s car(s) around 11 am or noon

Meet up with other group in cars

Drive back to Madison - return around 7 or 8 pm


Signing Up:

As previously stated, this is an introductory Hoofers backpacking trip so no ratings are required.


Priority sign-up will be given to participants who have personal cars or are fleet certified, and then to participants who have not been on a Hoofers backpacking trip before. We are planning on using Fleet vehicles, so if you want to get certified, here is a link you should check out:



If you have a personal vehicle you are willing to use for this trip, please let us know!



Required trip deposit: $100 (can be received via cash, check, or Venmo)

This includes: Fleet reservations, gas, permits, and on-trail food only. Road meals are not included.


Questions/Comments? Contact Mason Muerhoff: mmuerhoff@wic.edu (2623082963) or Wesley Wakai: wwakai@wisc.edu (6086301134)


There are 8 people in this event, with -1 spots remaining.

Waiting List

There are 0 people on the waiting list for this event, with 10 spots remaining.