This event was cancelled on 2017-10-18 15:27:19 by Jacob Ng for the following reason: "Too windy".

Moonlight Canoe to Picnic Point

Wednesday, Oct 18, 2017 (7:00 pm - 9:30 pm)

Leader: Jacob Ng
Required ratings:
Canoe Lake Rating, R1-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R1-OC2 (Open Canoe-Tandem ), R2-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R2-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R2p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R3-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3p-OC1 (Open Canoe-Solo), R3p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4p-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem)

Event Information


Let's go moonlight paddling on Wednesday October 18th at 7:00 pm!  We will paddle to the north beach on Picnic Point, have a campfire (rumor has it there will be s'mores) and then head back about 9:30 pm or a little later.

We will only go out in green flag conditions. To go on this trip you will need your lake rating in open canoe (and seakayakers will need an SK0) and a swim test. Please come to the Hoofer boathouse around 6:45pm so we can get the boats ready.

If you want to go to Picnic Point and don't have a boating rating, just walk/bike/bus out there and meet us.

You will need to bring two flashlights and a headlamp.  Why is this you say??  We will meet at the outing dock and cages and take out boats and gear and we need to place a flashlight on the bow and stern of each boat.  This is a state law and we can get a ticket if we do not have lights! (ok, maybe not a ticket)  If we don't have enough lights, some boats will not be able to go. (Do not forget to bring flashlights!)  Seakayakers will also need to wear a headlamp.  (I will bring duct tape and cups).  This will make us visible to other boaters in the dark.  We look pretty awesome on the water as a group all lit up. It might be cool weather so bring extra clothes to keep warm, and in case you get wet.  Also bring a bag or something that you can put extra clothing and goodies into that will keep them dry in case of they get wet. It will be easy to find our way back in the dark, just follow the music!  (Do not forget to bring flashlights!)  Please bring snacks. Remember that Picnic Point does not allow glass or alcohol.


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