Backpacking Pictured Rocks (Fall Colors)

Friday, Oct 6, 2017 - 5:00 pm through Sunday, Oct 8, 2017 - 5:00 pm

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Audrey Goldstein
Eric Russell
Joshua Gutzmann

Event Information


Hey Hoofers!

Ever wonder what the beautiful cliffs and beaches of Pictured Rocks look like in peak fall season? If you love hiking in the fall when red and orange leaves crunch under every step you take, then this is the trip for you!

What’s the plan?

Joshua Gutzmann and Eric Russell will be leading a backpacking trip up to Pictured Rocks from Friday, October 6th until Sunday, October 8th to enjoy the changing fall colors. This will be a trip focused less on packing on huge miles and focused more on enjoying the scenery! This will also be a good trip to get to know cool people, there should be about 12 of us total. It's often hard to get reservations at these sites, so it will be a huge privilege indeed--despite the limit on campers.


Before the trip:

We will likely meet on Thursday night with all of our gear and have it packed and stored away so that all we have to do on Friday is put the packed packs in the trunks of cars.

Day 1:

          We will be heading out on Friday, October 6th at around 5:00pm. Depending on when other people are willing to head out, some of us might head up earlier to set up camp and do some more hiking on Friday! Friday night we will eat dinner on the way up (and lunch depending on our departure) and camp at the Coves campsite near the trailhead.

Day 2:

          Hiking from the Coves to Mosquito river campsite which will be around 8.7 miles with plenty of sights, plenty of beautiful trees, and a stop near Chapel Rock for lunch.

Day 3:

          We’ll hike from Mosquito river to Miners beach (around 5 miles) where we’ll pack up and head back to Madison.


  • Bring extra money for dinner Friday and lunch/dinner Sunday.
  • Estimated cost is currently around $70 which includes permits, transportation, and meals, but will drop significantly if somebody is willing to volunteer their car so we don’t have to take a fleet vehicle. Priority sign-up will go to anybody who has a vehicle.
    • You are also likely to get reimbursed if the trip comes in under budget.


  • We'll let you know once you sign up. If you don't have something that you need we either have it or can find it for you.
  • Having your own hiking boots, however, is very important.



  • Camping experience is highly preferred, as this will be a higher level than your typical car camping trip.
  • G3 level rating is helpful
    • There will certainly be an opportunity to earn this as well
  • The ability to relax, be cooperative with the leaders, and have a good time!


Sign Up

Fill out the form HERE and get on the waitlist by clicking sign-up below.

  • We will send out emails shortly letting you know how to secure your spot via submitting payment for the trip.
  • Spots are NOT guaranteed until you have submitted payment for the trip. Cost will be determined once we know for sure if we have the drivers that we need.

Feel free to contact Eric with any questions at or (715) 574-9946. Same with Josh — or (920)273-5014

Waiting List

There are 0 people on the waiting list for this event, with 100 spots remaining.