Apostle Islands Backpacking Trip

Friday, Oct 13, 2017 - 2:15 pm through Sunday, Oct 15, 2017 - 7:30 pm

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Anna Nordin
Audrey Goldstein

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U been dyin 2 see dat lake SUPerrriorrrrr? U inta cookin dem dillas and pandanks in da wildurrrness????


If you are intrigued, sign up for this amazing trip to the Apostle Islands! Beautiful lakeshore views and sandcastle competitions await you in northern Wisconsin.

Sign up below!! (Priority will be given to individuals who have a car they are willing to use--- must sit 3-4 people with space for packs and gear).

WHO: Anyone!


Friday: Get to memorial union, Mendota longue at @ 2:15PM. We will drive to Bayfield, WI where we will car camp for the night.

Saturday: Drive to Myers Beach in the morning. Hike 4.5 miles to campsite. This day is open to suggestions. Day hikes are totally an option if you are interested.

Sunday: Hike 4.5 miles back out to the car. Drive back to Madison!

WHEN: October 13th @ 2:15 PM – October 15th getting back at 7-8 PM

COST: $40 – We don’t want money to be a barrier for anyone, we are willing to make reasonable accommodations if necessary!

You will need to bring personal money for 2 meals on the road (i.e. Culvers, Wendy’s, fun hip café).

SIGN UP: Please sign up for this trip if you are interested. However, spots are not finalized until a deposit is made on a date/time that is TBD (We will send you an email). Priority will be given to an individual who has a car they would be willing to drive that can seat 3-4 people.

Deposits will be made to @Audrey-Goldstein via Venmo (its an app lol) 

Gear is available for borrow/rent @ OUW and Hoofers. Shoot us an email if this is something you’d be interested in.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the trip, contact Anna: anordin2@wisc.edu or Audrey: argoldstein4@wisc.edu


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