Sylvania Canoe ADVENTURE!

Friday, Oct 6, 2017 - 3:00 pm through Sunday, Oct 8, 2017 - 8:00 pm

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Leaders: Laura Arneson
Taylor Marohl
Required ratings:
Canoe Lake Rating, R1-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R1-OC2 (Open Canoe-Tandem ), R2-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R2-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R2p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R3-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3p-OC1 (Open Canoe-Solo), R3p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4p-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem)

Event Information


Hiyyyyya Folks!


Looking for an escape from school to see some rad, out of this world foliage? Does the line where the sky meets the tops of the trees call you!? Is calm, blue, glacial meltwater just your favorite thing ever!?


If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, then you should join us for a spectacular weekend of paddling in Sylvania Wilderness!


WHO: Anyone who has completed their swim test and canoe lake lesson.


WHAT: A weekend of canoeing, paddling, and camping in Sylvania Wilderness, located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


WHEN: We will depart from Memorial Union at 3 pm on Friday, October 6th and drive 5 hours to Sylvania, towing 3 canoes with the Hoofers trailer. After an impeccable two days of exploring the wild lakes and forests of the north, we will return to Madison on Sunday, October 8th at approximately 8pm.


COST: The trip cost is $70, which includes breakfast/lunch/dinner on Saturday, breakfast/lunch on Sunday, transportation, campsite fees, tents, and other group gear. You are required to provide your own sleeping bag, hiking boots, and appropriate clothing for camping in October.


SIGN UP: The trip fee of $70 can be sent to Taylor via Venmo (username: @TaylorMarohl) beginning Wed 9/20 at 6pm. Payments sent before 6pm will not be accepted, and will be returned. There are 3 open participant spots for this trip - if more than 3 people Venmo a trip fee, I will return it via Venmo promptly. After I receive your trip payment, I will add you to the participant list!

*UPDATE* All participant spots are currently taken. If someone drops out and another spot becomes available, I will email all club members. Thank you for your interest! Please take advantage of the many other trips going out in October! :)

If you have any questions or concerns about the trip please feel free to contact myself or Taylor at our email addresses:   


There are 6 people in this event, with 0 spots remaining.