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Swim Test

Tuesday, Sep 27, 2022 (4:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

Leader: Emma Erickson

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I will be administering swim tests by the swimming pier in front of the Memorial Union Terrace. In order to accomodate as many people during this session as safely possible, I will send groups out every 15 minutes. 

You need to complete a swim test to participate in any canoeing, whitewater, or sea kayaking trips.  There are two options for completing the swim test: Provisional and Standard.

Provisional Swim Test
Passing the provisional swim test is required for the following types of paddling trips: 

1) Quietwater canoeing (canoe lake rating). 

2) Moving water canoeing (R1-OC). 

3) Beginner level sea kayaking (SK0 and SK1). 

The requirements of the provisional swim test are to swim 50 yards in 4 minutes or less wearing a properly fitted  personal floatation device (PFD).  

Standard Swim Test

The standard swim test (or equivalent qualifications) is required the following types of paddling trips: 

1) Whitewater paddling in all types of boats (R1 and above). 

2) Intermediate and advanced sea kayaking (SK2 and SK3). 

3) All expeditionary canoeing trips (remote, extended trips that include large lake crossings). 

4) Whitewater rafting in Grade II and higher rapids.

The requirements of the Standard Swim Test are to swim 100 yards and continue to remain afloat for a total of five (5) minutes by treading water.

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