SK0 Lesson (Intro to Sea Kayaking I)

Wednesday, Sep 15, 2021 (5:00 pm - 7:00 pm)

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Leader: Joshua Faessler

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Th SK0 lesson is your introduction to our sea kayaking fleet and will allow you to check our long boats out on Lake Mendota and participate in most quietwater trips.  This also opens the doorway to touring Wisconsin's plethora of lakes and riverways (eventually including trips on the Great Lakes).   We will meet at the Hoofer boathouse in the Memorial Union. 

The lesson will include: 

  1. Instruction in wind/water/weather considerations.

  2. Boat and paddle differences between whitewater and sea kayaks.

  3. Basic paddle strokes (forward, reverse, sweep, & draw).

  4. Wet exits and assisted rescues. Individuals who take this lesson must demonstrate they can perform an assisted T-rescue.

Be prepared to get wet!  Please have a swimsuit, closed-toe water shoes, water, and a change of clothes.  If you still need to complete your swim test (i.e. if you haven't completed any other introductory paddling lessons for the club) we will complete that either before or after this lesson as well. 

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