Canoes & Canoe Leader Orientation

Sunday, Apr 11, 2021 (9:00 am - 3:00 pm)

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Leader: Caroline Rose

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Let's plan to meet at Park Street Circle, the north end of Park Street, between Union Theatre and HC White, at 9:00 am on Sunday Apr 11!

We have a second driver for this event; thank you! 


DESCRIPTION: This trip is for Hoofers who have taken the Basic Leader Training (BLT) course and are interested in leading boating trips. Trip capacity is 7 people maximum. Participants will depart from the campus area at 9:00 am on Sunday and will drive to the Olson Road bridge on Black Earth Creek, behind Wisconsin Heights High School, meeting there at about 9:45 am. Participants may be assigned to a carpool (max three people, with "green" Badger Badges) or can arrange to drive themselves. Caroline will meet the group at Olson Road bridge with canoes, paddles, and PFDs. We will shuttle vehicles, then will paddle canoes on Black Earth Creek from Olson Road to the Twin Bridges/Wolf Run trailhead in Mazomanie. According to current rules, we have to wear masks, even outside, even while paddling. We don't have an exception for water-based activities yet. We do have an exemption to forego masks while paddling, since we are outside and can maintain good distance. I will be taking off my mask for instructing. If you choose to wear a mask while canoeing, that is ok too, but it's not a requirement. We don't intend to be in the water, but it certainly could happen. If a mask gets wet, it will have to be changed; we will have dry extras. Since Black Earth Creek is small and shallow, swims are not long or deep.


PREREQUISITES: No prior Outing Club trip experience. Preferably, prior experience paddling canoes. Interest in leading boating trips with the Outing Club.

OUTCOMES: By the end of this trip, you should be familiar with moving water fundamentals, including eddy turns, ferries, and peel-outs. We will also discuss the basic moving water hazards: strainers and snags/foot entrapment. We will also discuss the expectations of being a Quietwater Leader for Hoofers.

SCHEDULE: Coordinate with your car-mates to leave campus area at 9:00 AM. Arrive at Black Earth Creek before 10 am. Begin paddling before 11 am. We should be off the water before 12:30 pm. Estimated return to Madison: about 2-2:30 pm.

WHAT TO BRING: Please bring shoes that you are willing to get wet and will not fall off if we end up swimming. We will probably be walking in mud and possibly in water. I wear rubber boots. Dress for being outside for several hours. Bring a change of clothing and a towel, in case we end up wet (we are not planning to practice capsizing canoes, but it could happen).

COVID PRECAUTIONS: Each participant riding in a vehicle with others should have a current "green" Badger Badge. Yellow is ok, but don't make it a habit. Aside from driving, the event is outdoors. While paddling, canoe partners are about than 6 feet apart. We will maintain space between boats whenever possible. Spare masks will be available if one gets wet. (But it's best if you can bring your own spare)

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