This event was cancelled on Thu 03/04/2021, by Alec Lowry for the following reason: No more ice-- rip winter.

Governor Dodge Ski/Ice Climbing Trip

Saturday, Mar 6, 2021 (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)

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Leaders: Alec Lowry
Hazel Bastien

Event Information


Feeling burnt out after an extra long break? Looking to meet new people in different hoofer clubs? Come to the Mountaineering and Outing cross country skiing and ice climbing mash-up event at Governor Dodge State Park! 



  • Saturday March 6th

  • Arrive at the Union by 9am

  • Arrive at Governor Dodge at 10am

  • Ice Climb/Ski 10-4pm

  • Arrive back in Madison at 5pm



  • We have reserved one fleet vehicle with 3 spots in it. Email either or to reserve a spot. 

  • If you are not riding in a fleet vehicle, transportation is on your own. We ask that you only share a car with those in your household. 

What to Bring

  • Helmet*

  • Harness*

  • Ice climbing boots*

  • Crampons*

  • Nordic Boots*

  • Nordic Skis*

  • Poles*

  • Warm winter footwear

  • Warm coat

  • Hat 

  • gloves/ mittens (2 pairs if you can)

  • Food for lunch/ snacks

  • Water

  • Facemask (bring a few)


* This gear is provided if needed from the Outing and Mountaineering clubs. All ice axes, ropes and ice screws will be provided at the event. 



  • The cost of this event will be $5 for those using their own transportation

  • The cost of this event will be $5 plus and additional $10 for those using fleet transportation

Event Type
Educational Event (passive learning, no rating)
Accommodation Information
(not set)
Driving or Travel Details
We will be departing from the Union as a group at 9am (meeting at the turnaround by College Library), driving 40 miles to Governor Dodge and returning to the Union by 5pm.
Food and Equipment Information
(not set)
Safety plan information to be shared with attendees:
Please come prepared with proper PPE and practice social distancing with those outside your household. We recommend bringing multiple masks as they are likely to get gross and frozen. Mask wearing is required when in group settings.
Sanitation plan for any equipment used during the event:
Shared gear will be kept to a minimum and only handled through gloves/winter gear.
Trip Cancellation, Reschedule, and Refund Information
We will notify participants via email the day before the event if we cancel.
Trip Purpose/Goals
(not set)


There are 5 people in this event, with 0 spots remaining.

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