Tuesday, Feb 18, 2020 (7:00 pm - 9:00 pm)

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Saige Ruleau
Annabelle Stimmel

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Come join Hoofer Outing Club in our Spring Kickoff Event! It will be happening in replacement of the general meeting for the week. The plan is to enjoy each other's company around a firepit on good ole' Lake Mendota. S'mores will be had, hot chocolate will be consumed, and perhaps snowmen will even be made. 

Inside in the Mendota Lodge there will be booths set up to learn about each activity we offer in the club! The activity chairs will show off the gear we have in our gear room and answer any and all questions about how to join the club and get involved with different activities.

This event is open to the public so BRING YOUR FRIENDS! TELL THEM TO JOIN THE OUTING CLUB! 

Bring a mug, in addition to a chair and a blanket if you would like. 

Email Annie or Saige with questions/comments/concerns. 

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Social Event
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