Cookie Decorating

Saturday, Dec 7, 2019 (2:00 pm - 10:00 pm)

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Leader: Dennis Mossholder

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Cookie decorating!!!!
Date and time: Saturday, December 7th,  2:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location: Dennis's house- Middleton
Description: The Annual Cookie decorating party!

Who:  Hoofers Outing Club.
What: Come to my house to listen to Christmas music and eat a little
food, drink a little mulled cider, and eat a little chili.  Oh yea, and decorate some cookies!
Where: My house in Middleton.  Please e-mail me for directions.
When: Saturday December 7th starting at 2:00 and going till about 10:00 or a little later.
Come and go as you wish, come for a while, go out skiing/ snowshoeing (We can wish, can't we?) and come back.
Why:  Do we really need a reason??

Bring something small to share if you would like.  I will be supplying
cookies, cookie dough, and decorating  supplies.  I will also have
a venison dish, and some hot cider.
Their will be a bonfire outside!
Oh yea, I want to avoid paper plates and plastic utensils and plastic
cups if I can.  I want to try something different this time.  Bring
your own mug for cider, bowl for chili, and spoon for eating.  Kinda
like you were camping.  Don't worry if you forget, I do have dishes.

Happy Holidays!
Dennis Mossholder PS, Does someone have some DVD of Holiday classics?

Or Hoofers doing amazing trips?


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