Superior Hiking Trail Backpacking WAITLIST

Friday, Oct 18, 2019 - 1:00 pm through Sunday, Oct 20, 2019 - 7:00 pm

In Progress / Completed
Leaders: Ryan Stowe
Mason Muerhoff

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This event is the waitlist.

Superior Hiking Trail Backpacking! SIGN UP OPENS OCTOBER 8th at 800PM.

If the trip roster is full, sign up for the waitlist - it is posted as a completely separate event.

We will be backpacking the north shore of lake superior in Minnesota along the idyllic superior hiking trail! Two groups, one led by Ryan Stowe and Mason Muerhoff, the other by Julia Pletta and Wesley Wakai with Leaders In Training Simon Buchanan and Trevor (LAST NAME), will hike a roughly 13-mile segment of the trail over the weekend.

The trip deposit is $65 and must be paid through Club Manager online, or directly at the Outdoor UW Office. 

This is a beginner trip (BP2) and no prior ratings or backpacking experience is necessary, but we will be hiking about 15 miles with full packs. If you have any interest in joining the more advanced Hoofer Spring break backpacking trips, this weekend trip is a great place to start. There is room for 8 participants on this trip.

Here is a gear list for participants: 


Trip Itinerary 

W Oct 16 Wed

  1. 6:00pm to 8:00pm Pre Trip Meeting

  2. Meet with participants to cover

    1. Names

    2. What to bring

    3. It’s gonna be cold

    4. Hoofer rating system BP2, BP2+

    5. Trip expectations.

  3. After pre-trip meeting, assemble group gear. Ask participants if they’d like to join.

F Oct 18 Fri

  1. Trip Leaders meet at Memorial Union at 1:15pm. Some leaders organize gear while two leaders go pick up Enterprise rental vehicles.

  2. Participants arrive at 1:30pm. 

  3. Goal to be on the road by 2:15pm.

  4. Drive 6 hours and 20 minutes, 400 miles,  to Finland Campground.

    1. Drive 3 hours, 186 miles, to Culvers - eat dinner


    2. Drive 3.5 hours, 214 miles to Finland Campground


    3. Goal to arrive by 930pm to Finland CG - 39 sites, first come first serve, purchase two sites for $14 per site.

S Oct 19 Saturday

  1. Wake up at Finland campground. Eat toasted bagels.

  2. Drive 31 minutes, 27 miles to Britton Peak Trailhead.


  3. While two trip leaders drive to Highway 1, Cramer rd parking lot to run shuttle, other two trip leaders teach how to pack a pack. The drive from Britton to Peak to Highway 1 Trailhead, round trip, is 30 minutes, 20.4 miles.


  4. Two crews of 7 people will hike about 20 minutes apart.

  5. Hiking

    1. Britton Peak Parking Lot to Cross River Camp Sites, 7 miles, 400 feet up, 850 feet down, 600 feet up, 200 feet down.

    2. 7 miles, with 1000 feet up, 2 miles per hour, add one hour per 1000 feet, 15 minute break per hour, estimated time of travel 5 to 6 hours.

    3. Camp by Cross River, option for 4 sites, first come first serve, no permit needed. Bear hang over the bridge.

S Oct 20 Sunday

  1. Wake up at 700AM.

  2. Start hiking at 900AM.

  3. Hike 5 miles to Highway 1 parking lot, up 200 feet, down 100 feet. Estimated time hike of 2 to 3 hours. Arrive between 1100am and 1200pm.

  4. While two trip leaders drive to Britton Peak parking lot and back to Cramer rd parking lot to run shuttle, the other two trip leaders organize leftover food and group gear to go into cargo bins of minivans. The drive from Highway 1 Trailhead to Britton Peak Parking lot, round trip, is 30 minutes, 20.4 miles.

  5. Drive 6 hours and 35 minutes, 415 miles, from Trailhead at Highway 1 to the Memorial Union. Estimated time of departure,  1200pm. Estimated time of arrival, 630pm.

  6. Upon arrival at the memorial union, put group gear back, check-in/restock first aid kits, return participant hoofer gear, wash the dishes, put wet tents and tarps in the “cleaning room”. Estimated time of clean up - 1 hour. Completed by 8pm

  7. After driving anyone who wants a ride home, two trip leaders return the enterprise vehicles.

M Oct 21 Monday

  1. Send out follow up email to crew with the trip survey.

  2. Fill out receiving reports, return department cards, return PLBs to the office.

  3. Place hopefully dry tents back in the Hoofer outing club gear room.

T Oct 22 Tuesday

  1. Hoofer Outing Club Meeting and give trip report!

  2. Collect other Hoofer equipment that participants borrowed.

  3. Have LITs, Trip Leader and Land Safety go over the post-trip LIT assessments.


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