Kayak Pool Session

Sunday, Oct 20, 2019 (8:00 am - 12:00 pm)

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Kayak Pool Session - 10/20/19
Leaders: Jessica Lee
Michael Hammer

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It’s pool session time! And at a location as close as the UW Natatorium?? Wow. Incredible. The Nat swimming pool is warm, clean, and a perfect place to kickstart your paddling journey and endeavors! During this off season, the pool is a great place to learn basic kayak skills and continue practicing your skills. If you want a kayak lake lesson, SK0, SK1, an intro to whitewater boats, learn how to roll, or just come hang out and paddle with us, sign up for this event! This event is open to any and all skill levels. You can also complete your swim test here!

This is the event sign up for PARTICIPANTS. If you are qualified and wish to be an instructor at this pool session, please sign up on the instructor event listing.


Sign-up and Payment: Sessions are $11 to cover the cost of the pool rental. You will be prompted to pay online when you sign-up. Otherwise, you may pay with cash/card in the Outdoor UW office, and they will manually add you to the event. If this event is full, sign up on the Kayak Pool Session - Waitlist event. If space opens up, I’ll move you over to this event.


Clothing: Bring swimwear, towel, change of clothes, and nose plugs and goggles if you have them (handy when you are upside down). Avoid cotton clothes to your best ability (dri-fit stuff is your best bet). Also, full toe protection is advisable as this is what you would wear when you're paddling on rivers/lakes, but it's not mandatory.


Logistics: Meet at Memorial Union inside the Outdoor UW boathouse at 8:00am. We will then organize which boats/gear we are taking and carry them out to the cars. Once we have all the gear and people packed we will drive to the Nat pool. We will be let into the back door entrance between Dejope and the Nat (closest entrance to the pool) at 9am. The Nat has locker rooms where you can store your stuff and shower (please rinse off before entering the pool). The group is split into groups i.e. “Lake Lesson” “SK0” or “Rolling Lesson”. Some of the more experienced members may practice their skills in the pool on their own. Swim tests will occur at 9:05am (or as soon as possible). We have the pool reserved from 9-11am, so we will aim to start getting out of the water around 10:45am. We can have our boats on the tile next to the pool, but we must all be completely out of the water by 11am. Please plan to stay until 12pm to help packing up gear and getting it back to the boathouse.


I might end up opening the event up to more people if there is demand and we have enough leaders to help teach lessons.


If you have any questions or concerns at all, email Jessica Lee (poolsessions@hooferouting.org or jrlee8@wisc.edu)

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