Canoe Lake Lesson

Thursday, Sep 12, 2019 (5:30 pm - 7:00 pm)

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Leaders: Chase Flackey
Rachel Jordan
Joe Foye

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Lesson / Training

Welcome Back Students!  Welcome Freshman!

This lesson will get you the rating needed to go on Outing Club Quiet water trips and to take boats out on lake Mendota. It also teaches you how to work as a team to make a tandem canoe go where you want it to go. 

We’ll start this lesson learning the parts of a canoe and paddle, then we’ll learn some basic canoe strokes, then get out on the water for some practice. 

After that we’ll do the land part of the lesson and learn about checking out boats, our paddling fleet, the charts, and the rules of lake Mendota. 

We don’t plan on getting wet but wear clothes that can get wet and shoes that stay on and can get wet. 

Outdoor rental has a locker that you can rent for $1.00 to stash your belongings. 

Meet me by the Outdoor UW Rental Office.  I’ll be in the hallway between Mendota lounge and Outdoor Rental. 

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Lesson / Training


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