Moonlight Canoe, Sea kayak, or Hike!!

Friday, Sep 13, 2019 (6:00 pm - 10:00 pm)

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Leaders: Joyce Hessefort
Robert Shebilske

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Update:  Meet at 6 pm at the boat house. If it’s too windy to paddle we will all hike out to Picnic Point Fire pit 1. If conditions are good for paddling we’ll split into two groups. One group hiking out the other paddling out. 

It’s a Harvest Full moon  


Friday evening September 13 Robert and I would like to colead a moonlight paddle. We will paddle out to the beach on the north side of Picnic Point.  Build a fire, and roast some marshmallows and watch the moon come up over the State Capital  We’ll paddle back as a group all lit up with flashlights  

Lets meet at the boat house at 6 pm to get boats, gear, and to put lights on our boats  

Here are the ratings you need to paddle out to Picnic Point  

If you want to canoe you will need to have completed the canoe lake lesson and wear PFD  Bring a flash light or headlamp  

To sea kayak you will need an SKO rating and have passed the standard swim test. This entails taking the kayak lake lesson and then the SKO lesson for sea kayak  Bring lights for the bow and stern of your boat  Headlamp too  

Fire pit number 1 is reserved in my name for our group so if you would like to hike out to picnic point instead of paddle that would be fun too!!  Our reservation starts at 6 pm.  Let me know if you would like to be at the fire ring at 6 and I’ll get you a copy of the reservation  

The club has the boats, paddles, life jackets. You will need to bring a flashlight if you’re planning to canoe. Sea kayaks will need to bring two flashlights and a headlamp. 

Bring fluids to drink (no alcohol), something to roast on the fire, bug spray, jacket  

Trip will go out if we have green flag conditions   If it is too windy we can all hike, bike, or drive to picnic point  

We will paddle back to the union between 8:30-9 pm 

Let Robert or I know if you have questions and would like to learn more about leading moonlight paddling trips  


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