This event was cancelled on Thu 08/29/2019, by Joyce Hessefort for the following reason: My moms sister passed away and the funeral is scheduled for this day. I’ll forward the picnic point reservation to Annie and Joe in case a trip can still go out. Jacob if you would like I could forward to you too. We have fire pit #3 reservations. That is the one at the beach. Joyce

Pre Semester Paddling, Potluck Cookout on Picnic Point

Tuesday, Sep 3, 2019 (3:30 pm - 7:00 pm)

Leaders: Joe Foye
Annabelle Stimmel
Joyce Hessefort

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Meet other Hoofers before the semester begins. All are welcome, community members, faculty and staff, New UW students, current undergrad and graduate students. See what this wonderful community has to offer. 

Annie and I would like to host an end of summer and presemester cookout at picnic point. We’ll meet at 3:30 pm to gear up our boats and then we’ll paddle to picnic point for a potluck cookout.

There will also be a second wave at 4:15. Meet Joe at the boat house to get boats and gear. Annie and I will have the fire going  

We have fire pit 3 reserved right next to the beach where we land  

We’ll be back in time for the 7 pm meeting  

To paddle canoe you’ll need to be a member of the Hoofers Outing club  No rating required  Come paddle with us!!

To seakayak you’ll need an SKO rating and the standard swim test rating  

Or if you would like to walk, bike or drive  to picnic point instead of paddling meet us around 4:00-4:30 pm at fire ring #3  

Come after work  Lot 60 has free parking after 4:30  

Bring something to share. Enough for 2-3 people or so.  It can be a dessert, salad, chips, protein, veggies, fruits. It might taste great grilled. Make it simple and yummy  

Bring your own plate, silver ware, and something to cook in if your dish needs to cook on the fire.  

Bring drinks for yourself and maybe to share if you’d like that to be your potluck contribution  

I’ll bring some foil and the fixings for s’mores  

You’ll need a dry bag to throw your things into for the trip across the lake if you are planning to paddle to picnic point  

We should be able to utilize canoes for carrying extra stuff. 

Bring sunscreen and bug spray just in case. 

Let us know when you sign up which wave you would like to paddle in, 3:30 or 4:15

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