Hatfield Dam Whitewater Release, September 14th

Saturday, Sep 14, 2019 (8:00 am - 7:00 pm)

Open for sign up
Leaders: Alec Lowry
Bryan Wathen
Required ratings:
R2, R2 - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R2-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R2-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R2p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3, R3-C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R3-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R3-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R3p, R3p - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R3p-OC1 (Open Canoe-Solo), R3p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4, R4 - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R4-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem), R4p, R4p - C1 (Covered Canoe- Solo), R4p-OC1 (Open Canoe- Solo), R4p-OC2 (Open Canoe- Tandem)

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Hatfield Dam Whitewater Release, September 14th

Why does this summer keep dragging on? I just want some simple splishy splashy whitewater good times.

Come join me for a fun little class II run down the Black River on Saturday September 14th. This will be a single day trip up to Hatfield, WI (~2.25 hr drive).


R2 or higher in a kayak (we may be able to accommodate R1 paddlers with approval and enough safety boaters). Contact me if you are have an R1 rating and want to attend.


My objective of this trip is for R2 paddlers to become more comfortable reading and running class II rapids, surfing in features, and get practice rolling their kayak in rapids


Fuel:  $15-20

Food: You will be responsible for your own lunch and bring some money for dinner on the way home.


-Depart Madison on Saturday September 14th no later than 8:00am

-Surf, spin, splat, and squirt our way down the Black River from 11am-3pm

-Return to Madison (but not until I get my Culver’s burger and concrete mixer) around 6-7pm

 Let me know if you can drive and transport kayaks!



Bryan Wathen


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