Wind River Range Wyoming Backpacking!

Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019 - 9:00 am through Sunday, Sep 1, 2019 - 9:00 am

Open for sign up
Leaders: Leah Rosenblum
Aidan Roberts
Required ratings:
BP2+, BP3, BP4

Event Information


Hello folks! We are embarking on an expedition of the wonderful wonderful Wind River Range of Wyoming! We will be doing a ~75 mile loop over the course of 8 days and 7 nights, hopefully baggin’ a peak along the way!

We will be driving 2 days each way (~19 hr drive each way) and hiking for 8 days, for a total of a 12 day trip. We will be leaving on Wednesday, August 21 bright n early, and returning the afternoon/evening of Sunday, September 1 (classes start the 4th).

We are taking 4 PARTICIPANTS. (opening sign up at a later date)

Trip deposit is $330 per participant. If this inaccessible for you, please reach out to us leaders for assistance! This cost will very likely go down quite a bit and you will be partially refunded. However, this deposit is subject to change in the case that we end up with less than 4 participants. If someone has a personal vehicle that we can use, the deposit will shrink.

A BP2+, BP3, or BP4 rating is necessary to go on this trip. However, if you have sufficient backpacking experience and you are interested in being “fast tracked”, still fill out the Google form and there is a possibility that we can work something out!


Fill out this Google form if you are interested in going for a nice stroll through Wyoming!

Contact us with any questions you have! (Aidan has very limited service this summer in Utah, so I (Leah) will be better about responding)




Here is a detailed itinerary for interested folks:

Day 1 drive out August 21

  • Leave memorial union bright n early

  • Drive ~11 hours to Badlands National Park, spend the night

Day 2 drive August 22

  • Drive to Boulder, WY! ~9 hours

Day 1 HIKE

  • Follow Boulder Canyon Trail, camp by Lake Susan; 9.5 mi, 3500’ gain

Day 2

  • Meet up with CDT, camp by Middle Fork Lake/Lee Lake; 9.4 mi, 1700’

Day 3

  • Head over pass between Pronghorn and Nylon Peak, camp by Skull Lake; 9 mi, 2700’

Day 4

  • Follow Washakie Pass Trail, summit Washakie via northwest ridge, camp by Valentine Lake; 6.5 miles, 2400’ (including peak)

Day 5

  • Washakie Pass Trail, Bears Ears Trail, Lizard Head Trail, Big Sandy Trail, camp in the Cirque du Towers; 12 mi, 2600’

Day 6

  • Follow CDT over Texas Pass, camp short of Cross Lake; 10.5 mi, 2500’

Day 7

  • Continue on CDT, camp by Lake Vira; 10 mi, 1100’

Day 8

  • Hike back to car; 8.57 mi, 1000’ (3300’ loss)

TOTAL: 75.5 miles, 17,500’ gain


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