Sea Kayak Lake Mendota

Saturday, May 25, 2019 (2:00 pm - 5:00 pm)

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Leader: Ryan Holley
Required ratings:
SK1, SK2, SK2P, SK3

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Sea Kayak Saturday Afternoon - Lake Mendota

The forecast looks like it will be a fine day for some paddling Saturday, so I will lead a seakayaking trip along the boundaries of the yellow line on Lake Mendota. Since this may be the first paddle of the season for many people, we will take a fairly leisurely pace unless everyone involved wants to work on their endurance. This will be an opportunity to re-familiarize ourselves with our boats and practice good paddling technique.  While the surface temp will be warm, the water will likely be in the mid 50's, so be sure to dress in clothing which is warm when wet (no cotton), to layer your clothing so that you can adjust it as needed, and to have a set of dry clothes for when we return. Moreover, wetsuits or drysuits will be required due to the water temperature; the club can provide a wetsuit if you need one.   If you start getting hot you can always splash yourself until you cool off.  Also, be sure to bring plenty of water to stay well hydrated. 

Route Plan: Please arrive by 1:45pm to select gear and move the boats to the water.  We will leave promptly at 2pm from the Hoofer dock and follow the shoreline out to Tenney Park.  From there we will make a crossing along the yellow line straight to Picnic Point. After we reach the point we can either paddle directly back to the Hoofer dock, or, if people want some additional distance, we can follow the shoreline back from the point. Estimated distance: approx. 4.5 - 5.5 miles, depending on what we choose for the last leg of the route. Estimated end-time: plan for 5pm, although we may finish sooner depending on the skill and energy of the group.   


Anticipated Weather Conditions:  80 degrees surface, Partly Cloudy, wind W-WNW at 12mph 

Required Rating: SK1 or above, due to the overall distance and the crossing from Tenney Park to Picnic Point.

Personal Gear: sunglasses, sunscreen, water (1 liter or more), snack food, shoes you don't mind getting wet (no open-toe shoes), a hat, warm-when-wet clothing (no cotton), a change of clothes, a towel

Club Gear: kayak, paddle, PFD, wetsuit/drysuit, tow rope (for group), pump (for group), first aid kit (for group)

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