February 26 7:30pm - Whitewater/Paddling Activity Group Meeting

Tuesday, Feb 26, 2019 (7:30 pm - 8:30 pm)

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Leaders: Michael Hammer
Bryan Wathen

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February 26 7:30pm - Whitewater/Paddling Activity Group Meeting - Gentle Pools to Rapids & Falls.

We will meet together around 7:30pm in the Mendota Lodge. (Immediately following the general meeting.)

Active and New members are welcome!!! Please sign up here so we know about how many to expect.

Why do we paddle together? There are so many breathtaking beautiful places (gentle and rapids) you can reach only from the seat of a canoe or kayak.

A Whitewater/Paddling Activity Group of Hoofers will meet on Tuesday February 26 in the Mendota Lodge of the Memorial Union - Come join the discussion. (We will gather together around 7:30pm - after the general meeting.)

If you are (or wish to be) an active participant in our club paddling activities, if you are simply curious about those brightly colored boats in the boathouse, if you wonder - why do we paddle in the swimming pool during the cold months, if you wish to learn more about the places you can go on gentle rivers, rapids, or even water falls please join our meeting!

A few items on the agenda:
*Elect Whitewater Activity Chair (Please email me directly if you are interested in serving as whitewater activity chair.)
*Winter/Spring Kayak Activities (on and off the water) including kayak pool sessions
*Trip & Training Plans and Ideas for the coming Spring/Summer/Fall 2019
*Leadership/Instruction We need more leaders/instructors for all paddling groups. Our discussion at this meeting will continue to focus on leadership development and instructor development for whitewater and sea kayaking.
*I welcome additional agenda items for consideration. Please just let me know by email.

See you there!


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Lesson / Training


There are 13 people in this event, with 7 spots remaining.