Sea Kayak - Lake Columbia - Paddle Strokes and Introduction to Navigation

Saturday, Mar 2, 2019 (10:00 am - 3:30 pm)

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Leader: Michael Hammer
Required ratings:
SK0, SK1, SK2, SK2P, SK3

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Sea Kayak - Lake Columbia - Distance & Navigation Trip - Saturday March 2, 2019


??Schedule: We will pack paddling clothing and gear in advance the week of the trip to make for an efficient departure the morning of the trip. We will depart from Madison promptly at 10:30am. We will paddle from 12noon-1:30pm. We will return to Madison around 3pm.

What? The focus of this trip will be to refine paddling skills, to paddle with some speed and distance, and to introduce a few navigation
concepts in fog. Everyone who attends will have previously practiced rescues with me in the pool. We won't be practicing rescues on this
trip. (Please Note: We will *not* be doing any intentional swimming.)

Required Ratings: SK0 and standard swim test. I am specifically focused on a small group of relatively new paddlers who are interested
in growing their skills and leadership in sea kayaking. Most of them will learn the SK1 paddling skills in the pool. These individuals
will just need the paddling over a distance and a few paddling skills to earn the SK1 rating.

Please Note: I am reserving this trip for individuals who are completing skills for the SK1 rating and for those who are working on their leadership skills/ratings.

Clothing: Non-cotton synthetic layers, pfd, wet suit (or dry suit), paddling jackets, wool hats and helmets. Warm synthetic layers to
change into.

Pack a Lunch to Eat on the Way - We will drive directly to the put in. Please pack your lunch so you can eat on the way.

Water & Snacks! - Bring water in a bottle and a snack to bring wtih you in the boat. You will get thirsty and hungry.

Changing Clothes Before/After Paddle: There is a gas station down the road where we will change before and after the paddle. Although we plan to stay dry, there is always the possibility of an unintended capsize. After the paddle, we will move briskly to heat up the cars,
load boats, and head to change at the gas station.

Safety: In addition to ensuring proper clothing, I will have extra layers on hand, warm beverages in thermos, snacks on hand, and a
synthetic blanket if needed. We will have two first aid kits from the club cage. I will also have 2-3 tow belts, and 1-2 short tow lines if
needed. We will have a number of cell phones if needed.

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Lesson / Training


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