Sea Kayak - Gales Storm Gathering - October (10), 11-13, 2019

Thursday, Oct 10, 2019 - 9:00 am through Sunday, Oct 13, 2019 - 5:00 pm

In Progress / Completed
Leader: Michael Hammer
Required ratings:
SK2, SK3

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Gales Storm Gathering - October (10), 11-13, 2019

When: October 11-13, 2019 (October 10 is optional but excellent, and is focused on paddling in current.)

What: A migratory Great Lakes sea kayaking event for advancing, intermediate and advanced paddlers. Paddlers will benefit from training with top sea kayak coaches from the the US and Canada.

Here is a recent video:

Where: Lake Superior near Munising, Michigan, and the St. Mary’s River at Sault St. Marie

Read: Details at the link below.

Cost: $495 (4 day); $425 (3 day) (These were the costs from last year.)

Who: SK2/SK3 rating, recent paddling in rough conditions, and standard swim test required. If you are sincerely interested, available for the specific dates, and are aware of the costs (not cheap) and rough/cold conditions involved, feel free to contact me.

Boats/Gear: Given the training of this event, most of the needed boats and gear can be made available through the club. Please email me directly to make arrangements.

Please Note: This is not a Hoofers trip, but an independent event that some members may have interest in attending. This posting is to facilitate planning and logistics for those who may wish to participate.

If you are solidly moving towards the SK2/SK3 and are interested (but not quite there yet), we can discuss on a case by case basis. I attended two years ago. I would be happy to discuss my experiences with you.

Future: I am hoping this type of training event provides an incentive for each of us to increase/improve our paddling and leadership skills.

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